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The founder of Fischer Furriers was Karl Fischer an orphaned boy, who was born & lived in Germany who from the age of 6 years old, had been pushed & shoved in and out of orphanages & had really no one or nothing to turn to and at the tender age of just 10 years old, Karl Fischer got his first real break in life when a local Fur manufacturing business took him on as an apprentice Furrier, In the early 1930′s Karl started his own fur business and later retired in 1965. Karl & his wife, raised three children of their own.

The youngest of which was his son Erich Fischer, who followed in his father’s footsteps and started his apprenticeship in 1957.

Erich qualified as a furrier in 1960 and escaped at the vulnerable age of 16 from East Germany in 1960 where he left his family behind.

He was taken up on the West at one of Frankfurt’s top manufacturing furriers for two years & he then took up a top position as a manufacturer in Zurich for another two years, before taking the chance of lifetime to work as a manufacturing furrier in SA.

Shortly after arriving in South Africa, Erich found such a Love for South Africa & realised that South Africa, was going to be his happy anchor for the rest of his life.

He worked for the then two top fur businesses until later in 1976, opened up his own furrier business & continued the Fischer Legacy. Robert, one of Erich’s Sons decided to join his father’s business as he had a Love & a passion for the trade from a very young age.

After school & military service, Robert left for Germany to take up an apprenticeship with one of the most renown Furrier families in Cologne Germany, where he qualified with distinctions in both his theoretical and practical.

He was also part of a Gold medal winning team who took top honours in the prestigious awards for Fur and Fashion in Frankfurt in 1993. Since his return 1994, Robert has become the driving force & the next generation of the Fischer Furriers History.

I am absolutely honoured & humbled by my family’s 103 years to date (2013) amongst the elite of manufacturing furriers in the world,
Robert Fischer

The versatility and natural ability honed to perfection by years of experience has made Erich Fischer’s garments sought after in the
fashion world.

Everything from casual elegance to grunge fashions, stunning fur and leather garments are manufactured in his Johannesburg, Gauteng based factory.

Assisted by a team of continentally trained and highly qualified craftsmen, Erich Fisher’s garments are, in every aspect, of the
highest quality – ensuring the wearer a lifetime of luxurious pleasure, provided of course that you care for your fur as you should.

He completed his apprenticeship in Germany. In 1993 Robert won gold at the coveted International Fur Fair in Frankfurt and is preparing to take over from his father when the time comes ensuring clients will be able to enjoy more than just one generation of fantastic Erich Fischer furs and Leather Garments.

3 Generation

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