If you prefer not to afford a brand new Fur garment but desire to own a fur garment,then please feel welcome and browse our vast selection of beautiful pre owned furs below.

Pre owned furs are aimed at the fur wearer who prefers not to afford a new garment.

Pre owned furs can immediately be altered,adjusted,relined or restyled completely to your fashion preference by us in house.

FISCHER FURS offers over 180 style variations aswell as any special design requirement we can and will assist with wether you want the fur hidden as an inner linning worked into a cloth or leather garment.You could also choose a garment which can be restyled to a fully reversible fur on one side and waterproof the other or perhaps a leather garment with limited fur panels with detachable leather sleeves to be worn sleeveless.

There is “sooooo” much we can do with any pre owned fur you may choose and buy from us and often we don’t even have to do anything,the buyer can simply wear and enjoy as is.

Purchasing pre owned furs, offers further use of some one elses previously loved garment.

By restyling a pre owned fur, one is of course also recycling

Buyers are welcome to purchase from our selection of pre owned furs without coming into store,just fill out our contact form and we will do the rest, or simply please contact us for an appointment to view any fur you may be interested in or make an appointment to view the entire range.