At Fischer Furs There is so much to write about Chinchilla. Words cannot explain this fur in any way perhaps because Chinchilla is best sold by touch. It has a feel that nothing else on earth has and the euphoric sensation one feels when running one’s hand up and down a select quality Chinchilla garment is literally and figuratively sensational in every respect.

It is Robert Fischer of Erich Fischer Furriers opinion that “Chinchilla must only be bought in First grade, Select quality and higher. Otherwise the wearer will be very disappointed in short time. “If the buyer does not have the budget, either wait patiently until she or he does or invest in another type of fur.”

Many Fur retailers sell their Chinchilla garments as the best but mostly they are not. A Chinchilla fur is aimed at the super rich who want to explore the unexplained bliss and feeling of wearing high end Chinchilla.

Robert manufacturers all Chinchilla desires by specific order only, because he is of the opinion that mass production line, cost effective Chinchilla is aimed for a lower grade market and definitely cannot deliver the same finish nor the same feel.

“Chinchilla must be sold expensive and exclusive and select for that very special and discerning wearer” as Robert Fischer of Erich Fischer Furriers, will endeavor to travel continents to select his clients the pinnacle in Chinchilla quality for each individual garment.

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