The fur industry has always, very openly and loudly, elevated women’s empowerment and the promotion of gender equality. Since the start of time and through the centuries, the fur trade has always focused on offering its finest produce to serve the Ladies market. Probably more so than any other industry and so it is this way today and so it shall be even more so into the future.

Women, have since the start of time, protected themselves from the elements using genuine fur and hide. Women have and always will Love the characteristics and qualities that genuine fur offers. Fur inspires well-being, self-pride, self-determination, accomplishments and commands respect of “her” presence. She is pronounced, she is beautiful, she has an independent mindset and she knows what she wants. She Loves, wears and flaunts genuine Fur.

For the past 111 years Fischer Furs has produced the finest quality, stock and bespoke fur and leather designs for our ladies. The window of opportunity for Ladies to own genuine Fur today, is so wide open, that the youngest ladies are approximately 16 years of age and some of our eldest clients into their 90’s. and there’s every other age group in between.

Fur… worn dressed down or dressed up…. was…is… shall always be, the most talked about accessory and shall always ignite the WOW factor.

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