With 111 years of fur and leather manufacturing experience as a Fur family and a current work force whose eldest member having 62 years’ experience, second eldest 45 years, third most experienced 35 years, two more of 30 years and then through the lower years to our new apprentices, Fischer Furs is one of the  last “handmade” experiences left in the world of Fur coat manufacture although the industry is a bustling and vibrant industry.


We want to personally, meet and understand our clients, discuss all the possibilities, design, procure the best pelts, hides and clothes, fit and manufacture in an age old process that mass production doesn’t offer and buying cheap furs online will certainly not offer you the experience of the pleasure of feeling the different furs, qualities and textures leading our clients all the way through an amazing experience to the final delivery of a product that was once an idea made especially for you and no one else on the planet.

Over the past 15 years, to date, mass production, machine cut furs had become the quickest cheapest way to produce furs. The problem with this adaptation to the market is that the skills of a Specialist Furrier had diminished over the last 20 years like in most trades because of cheap labour in mass production factories and of course with this came the massive drop in quality in both trade skills and procurement of top quality skins to satisfy mostly departmental store or online buying type product with no disrespect nor prejudice to these at all.

Fischer Furs, has kept 111 years of trade secrets combining age old manufacturing methods, combined with modern techniques to offer our clients a unique experience and bespoke offerings of the highest quality in the world, both from our workmanship and of course in the selection of every single pelt, hide or cloth before it is deemed good enough to be worked into our fine garments.


We also offer special appointments to VIP members of society by special time arrangement at our upmarket store in Rosebank, South Africa or Robert Fischer (owner) will by special arrangement meet with clients almost anywhere in the world *(this service is at a cost) , to offer our services